Restaurants Taste 2017

Restaurants from Amsterdam showcasing their signature dishes

During Taste of Amsterdam everyone has the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a day surrounded by some of the best culinary restaurants that Amsterdam has to offer. These restaurants and chefs will give you a culinary taste sensation through a selection of some of their famous signature dishes. The dishes which are served are miniature versions of the real deal - giving you the opportunity to taste as many dishes as you would like! The dishes at Taste costs between the € 5,00 and € 7,50 and the payment method is done with Florins, which are available at Taste. Some restaurants are also willing to present and prepare their icon dish which, of course, will likely cost a couple more Florins but don't worry, its totally worth it! The restaurants that are participating at Taste of Amsterdam 2017 can be found on this page!

This is the Taste 2017 restaurant line-up so far:

't AmsterdammertjeBar Brasserie OCCOBAUT - Blauw - Bridges - De KruidfabriekThe Butcher on Wheels - The French Connection - Happyhappyjoyjoy - The Harbour Club - Hotel Okura Amsterdam - De Kruidfabriek by Lute - Pesca - Pikoteo - The Roast Room - Visaandeschelde